What does Visual Eagle provide?

Modernly Styled, Visually Attractive and Captivating Graphic Design that People Love to see


Are you looking for high-quality, friendly and affordable graphic designer which always delivers andscreams out quality“?

Let Visual Eagle” create captivating, visually attractive and highly creative graphic designs that you and your website visitors will love. Get the best designs in your specific industry at the best price on today’s high-quality graphic design market.

Thanks to an “Eagle” eye for detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Visual Eagle will be your last stop in your search for a go-to graphic designer.

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Who is Visual Eagle?

Visual Eagle is your one-stop graphic design and creative agency run by Mitja Kotar, a talented designer with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Visual Eagle specializes in modern designs that will captivate your audience in an irresistible style. He pays close attention to detail with the sole aim of satisfying your graphic design needs and expectations.

At Visual Eagle, you are guaranteed of high-quality designs that will “wow” your audience and customers.    


Did you know that Visual Eagle is a master of graphic design craft?

Why choose Visual Eagle for Graphic Designer
Visual Eagle’s mission is simply customer satisfaction. The talented designer will ensure that you are fully satisfied with the final product by providing as many revisions as needed. The goal is to give you the most visually attractive designs as per your expectations.
You can always contact Visual Eagle by email via the contact form on this website any time of day or night and he’ll get back to you as fast as possible. Ask any questions about any concern you may have and you’ll get a response promptly. You can even get a status update about your work simply by adding Eagle on Skype.
Nobody wants to wait for his or her designs forever. Delivery time is crucial which is why at Visual Eagle your design project is worked on and completed in the shortest time possible. Typical delivery time is anywhere between 24 to XX hours depending on the amount and complexity of your work.
At Visual Eagle we believe companies that impose additional charges to provide customers with their design source files are dishonest and exploitative. Your design source files should be provided free of charge. This is why Visual Eagle delivers all your source files including PSD, JPG, PNG, AI and much more free of charge. After all, they are significant parts of your entire project and belong only to you.
Offering almost anything related to graphic design. These include Banners, Websites, Headers, Sales threads, E-Covers, Facebook covers, YouTube channel art, PowerPoint presentations, brand design and much much more.
Send your request
At Visual Eagle, we are obsessed with customer satisfaction. We’ll keep on working on your designs until you are fully satisfied with the work, hence the unlimited revisions offer. However, refunds are not provided once the work begins so take the time to think carefully about your design needs and expectations before you submit your proposal.

How Does the Process Work?

Visual Eagle has a simple 4-step process of ensuring customers get the best graphic design services

  • Process Number One
    The first step is to talk with the customer to get a better understanding of the project needs and the customer’s expectations. You will be asked a few questions regarding your design needs.
  • Process Number Two
    Once the designer has understood what you want in your design, he’ll begin brainstorming for ideas to create a visually captivating design that meets your needs and expectations.
  • Process Number Three
    Visual Eagle will then begin working on your design and complete the project within the provided turn-around time.
  • Process Number Four
    Finally, you’ll receive your work after completion including all the source files. You will be contacted via email or Skype for delivery of your work.

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