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Birth mother, Keshia, shares her story of placing her baby for adoption. She describes her life before and how it has changed since going through the adoption process.
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We have two beautiful, healthy children thanks to you. We were quickly matched with birth parents which is how we became parents to our son. A year after our son was born, we contacted Nina to help find a match for us for a second child. We were quickly matched again and now have an adopted daughter. We are very greatfull for facilitating the match process for us for both our children. The process was efficient and easy. We would highly recommend them to anyone.
John and Rachel K.
I liked how to the point and personable the experience was working with them. I felt like it was the first time someone in the industry made us, the adoptive family a priority, we truly appreciated that. We reached out to many resources to adopt domestically and it was difficult to say the least to see progress happening, waiting to get matched was the hardest part. A major turning point in our process to adopt was when we found these guys; we finally felt we were on our way to successfully matching and creating our family and it happened quickly.
Mike and Heather C.
Brock did a great job handling our match. We had experienced an unsuccessful situation and only a few days later, we were matched with the perfect birth mother and the perfect baby girl. Brock made it happen! Thank you!
Nathan and Pam W.
PO BOX 1774, Sioux City, IA 51102